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Tips From The Pros - Nergish Wadia-Austin

First up we have Nergish Wadia-Austin, who runs PHAB Business Helpline, a business solution service designed for nail, beauty, spa, hair and barbershop managers around the world. She says it's all about asking the right questions.

Is my business delivering on my expectations?
"It will in 2018! There is no point running a business if it doesn't deliver for the owner because they are the ones who have set it up and invested their money in order to maintain/enhance their lifestyle. An annual business MOT is absolutely essential. I usually recommend that business owners take some time in October of each year to sit down in a quiet place, relax and identify what exactly do they want from their business the following year. Is it more revenue? More time off for travel? Do they want to work less hours to spend more time with the family? It could be anything. Once they know what it is they want, they need to quantify it in terms of revenue generation to get them there. Then it's about working backwards to see just how much each productive person will need to generate and how much retail and tools they will have to make it happen. Without a solid plan a salon is rudderless ship." 

Is my business helping my staff to meet their personal goals?
"A very important move for a leader. If your staff's needs are being met in your business it automatically ensures loyalty and commitment from them. If a business stands in the way of a staff member's requirements, aspirations or ambitions, then they begin to look elsewhere to have their needs met. You risk losing not just a team member but also all the investment you have put into them, such as training, customer relations etc. A conversation with of them will tell you what each person is working towards in their life and help you establish how you can accommodate their wishes. Explain to them that as long as both their needs and the salon's needs are met and standards are maintained for total customer satisfaction, everybody wins. A flexible salon manager develops a flexible and accommodating crew." 

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