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The ugly side of beauty

Did you know, even after cleaning your salon, bacteria can still be lurking on or in make-up and products? Even the cleanest hairdresser, beauty therapist or make-up artist can be subject to the bacteria that cling to bottles and small items. The more these products are used, the more bacteria may be shared around the salon and your clients. Read on for some tips to help keep your salon bacteria-free...

First of all let’s look at the make-up bag. Tests have been carried out which reveal what really lives in our bags and the products inside.

Period After Opening symbol

We all tend to hang on to our favourites, but this could lead to conditions such as an eye irritation or skin infection – so it is important to check out the expiry dates on all products once they have been opened. Most products will have this written on the packaging. Look out for either a number followed by the letter ‘M’ (e.g. 6M) or a small pot symbol with a number inserted in the pot. This is called the PAO (Period After Opening) and it is found on all skincare, make-up and some hair care products.

The number provided indicates the number of months after the product has been opened that the product is recommended for use, after this time it should not be used again. The older a product gets, the less effective the preservative system, and these preservatives are what's needed to help keep bacteria away. It’s a good idea to write on the product the date you opened it (if you can fit it on), alternatively number your products and make a note somewhere in the salon which you can later refer to.

Strictly Professional hand products

If you think about how many products and equipment you touch during your salon day, it makes perfect sense to use an antibacterial hand wash such as Strictly Professional Antibacterial Hand Wash with Russian Amber throughout the day. It can also be a good idea to have a few sanitising gels placed around the salon – they are easy to use and saves you from constantly walking to the sink area. Try Strictly Professional Sanitising Gel with Lemongrass, this does not require water as it dries on your skin. Pump the product onto your hands, massage into the skin and within seconds you are ready to carry on with the task in hand!

Don’t forget that regular hand washing or use of gels slowly reduces our skin’s protective oils. We recommend regular use of a hand lotion or barrier cream repeatedly throughout the day such as Strictly Professional Hand Lotion with Russian Amber to keep your skin protected and hydrated.