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The sunshine season part 2 - Summer styling trends

During the summer months your clients want to keep their hair looking at its best whether they're at home or on holiday. Read on to get the low down from industry professionals on the best styling products and tips to keep your clients' hair in tip-top shape!

Simple summer styling

Top knot hair model

For some, summer hair is about experimentation in all forms – for others, it's about keeping it simple, and often, out of the way. D&J Ambrose says it's best to plan ahead.

"Show your clients how planning for the evening, by twisting or plaiting their damp hair in the morning can save them lots of time. All they need to do is remove their clips and run their fingers through the resulting waves."

For clients who want a new look, but not a new cut for summer, D&J Ambrose say that the fake bob is bang on-trend. "Celebs like Nicole Scherzinger and Leona Lewis have been rocking this look recently – all you need to do is: back brush sections of hair from the nape up to the curvature of the head, take the hair above these sections and wrap under, gripping hair at the nape to give the illusion of a bob shape."

"The 'surfer girl' trend is massive this season. To achieve this look, spray in a texture gel spray to enhance movement in the hair. Tease a few sections around your finger to encourage a wave and let it dry naturally. If you can teach your clients how to do it when they’re away, it will be a great style for lazy days on the beach."
Ken Picton

"Encourage clients to keep their hair natural in the sun. I think you've essentially got three options: for long hair, a simple braid or a slick ponytail keeps them cool – show them how to use a product that will smooth the hair. The second option, which is great for layered hair, is a beachy, tousled style. My absolute favourite for this is Catwalk Salt Spray. Show your clients how simple it is – spray into the hair, rough dry using your fingers and they're ready to go. For short hair, a slicked back quiff is very on-trend."
TIGI’s Maria Kovacs

Top knot hair model

"Summer hair shouldn't look too 'done'. The key to getting that effortless look is not using products that will weigh the hair down or give it a slick finish – it's all about working with the natural texture for a dishevelled look. I would also recommend working on second day hair, as it can be easier to work with and will give a more natural, textured finish. Tong random sections of the hair or add rollers for a tousled look. Finish with a firm hold hairspray or a salt spray for the ultimate 'undone' look."
Gina Conway

"The wet-look style is a massive trend for 2014 and will look great for your clients while they're on holiday. It's all about über-slick styling and simple, modern glamour. Look to celebs like Hayden Panettiere and Lea Michele for the inspiration for this style, as well as on the catwalks. Simply mix your favourite serum or oil with gel and apply the mixture to your client's hair, using a comb to slick the hair down. To finish, run some straighteners down the mid lengths and ends of the hair for a sleek, sophisticated look."

"One of my favourite styles for the summer is the top-knot – a very current bun! There are so many interpretations as seen on the runways this season, however for me, a summer top knot should be dressed out from natural unwashed hair to maintain a loose texture. Hair can also be dried with a mousse to create guts and the right texture to work with."
Steve Rowbottom, Westrow

"During the summer months it's recommended that you should speak to your clients about their home care regime. Whether taking a beach holiday or staying in the city, the shift in climate can cause the hair to start acting differently, therefore it's vital to use the correct products to ensure hair stays in top tip condition."
Tai Walker, Head of Colour and Technical Development at Mahogany Hairdressing

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Pink hair model

Karine Jackson’s summer hair do's and don'ts:

  • Do encourage your clients to apply a good leave-in conditioner when they're in the sun to protect the hair.
  • They should always wash the chlorine out of their hair, every day. If they don't it will build up and can turn their newly-blonde hair green.
  • Tell them to protect their hair before, during and after they've been in the pool or the sea. Tell them to take along some hair treatments in their beach bag along with their sun cream.
  • They shouldn't put their hair in direct sunlight. Wearing a hat or scarf will keep sun damage to a minimum.
  • Tell them to steer clear of blow drying their hair while on holiday. They should really embrace a more relaxed beachy look, by applying mousse to damp hair and letting it dry naturally for gorgeous bohemian locks.

The products

"A salt spray is ideal for summer, as it offers intense texture and a tousled, just-off-the-beach effect. It creates substance within the hair and will change any look within seconds. It also has a great fragrance and can be used as a hair freshener throughout the day. Many salt sprays are available as a handbag size bottle making it the perfect travel accessory this season."
Steve Rowbottom, Westrow

"I like to cocktail products, so advise clients looking to tame their manes on holiday to mix and match products. A smoothing gel-cream that offers control and shine and fights humidity, works perfectly when cocktailed with a hair oil. Cocktailed together they make the hair super smooth, while nourishing it at the same time. This combination is perfect for porous or even very curly hair, as it ensures a super smooth blow dry."
Steve Rowbottom, Westrow

Summer styling products

"Either on holiday or in the salon, applying a treatment or hair mask will rejuvenate the hair."
Sharon Peake, Matrix Artistic Director

"As soon as your client gets back from their holiday, get them in the salon and cram their hair full of moisture and goodness, with an intensive conditioning mask."
Gary Hooker and Michael Young, Hooker & Young

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First published in the Capital Hair & Beauty magazine.