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The power of Pinterest

The days of Pinterest just being a cute little way to plan a wedding are long gone, and if your salon doesn’t yet have a Pinterest page, here are several reasons why you need to change that today.

Pinterest hair beauty group

Sharing builds community – and clients

How great do your clients feel when they leave a salon? Amazing, right! Once you’ve set yourself up on Pinterest, start a Client Board and begin taking front and side photographs of each client who comes in for a cut, colour or blow dry. If they’re not too keen on having their photograph taken, you can always blur out their features. Your clients are your best advert and Pinterest is a brilliant way to collate all of the styles you’ve created over the past few months, so that potential clients can take a look before they make that first appointment.

In the mood

Pinterest’s first point of popularity came from the fact that it’s a great place to create mood boards. Whether you’re planning a salon revamp and need inspiration, or you’re working on a collection for the salon, Pinterest can help you assemble all your ideas and influences in one space. And don’t worry –  you don’t have to share your visions with your clients or competitors; simply make the board private, so only you and people you invite can view your pins.

Pins mean sales!

So show off your retail lines on Pinterest. People who pin also love to shop, so by showing off your wares you stand an increased chance of the people viewing choosing to spend with you – if you have an online shop. If you don’t, each product pin should include information on the product and an invitation to come into the salon to try it out.
Interesting fact: the average Pinterest shopper will spend £65 on items that have been pinned and/or shared.

Take time out

Just one hour a week will give you enough time to sit down and pin your inspirations, new products and styles. You never know what rewards you might reap, so get pinning! Once you’re comfortable with pinning like a pro, you can begin to investigate Pinterest adverts, and watch sales increase even further.

Check out our Pinterest to see exactly what we mean!

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