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The only 2021 nail trends you need to know

Trends come and go but it’s clear that, when it comes to showing our individuality with our beauty choices, we’re going to be a little restricted over the next few months, thanks to the daily wearing of masks. However, says journalist Charisse Kenion, this makes nails the ideal focus for fun.

Softly, softly

A great suits-all trend has to be pastels. From the most beautiful soft lilacs and lavenders to an ultra-delicate pistachio or fizzy lemon, pastels are a great statement when worn alone or adorned with some pretty, metallic nail art. On Instagram a great account to follow for pastel inspo has to be @imarninails

Leather luxe

We’ve seen velvet finishes and suede effects, and now it’s all about leather. Clients can have fun matching their nails to their favourite shoes and bags, and can feel indulgent with gorgeous deep, dark browns and blacks.


Which shape?

Although I’ve selected my favourite trends when it comes to colour, I ask award-winning nail tech Metta Francis for her predictions when it comes to the shape. She says, it's all about the British Manicure; a natural squoval or oval/round shape. It's a more manageable shape and length that can be maintained at home in between appointments.


The trends to leave behind

For Metta it's time to say goodbye to overly long nails. “I would ditch the long, tapered coffin and square/stiletto shapes and lengths, simply because they will be harder to maintain without seeing nail professionals regularly.

The future of nails

Looking ahead, it’s about more than colours and shapes. Metta says, “it's all about the ingredients. The trend for more ‘natural’, sustainable beauty continues. There will be more emphasis on natural ingredients such as CBD oil whilst hand and nail care will also up its game. We can expect to see more luxury nail care; think anti-aging ingredients that plump and hydrating the skin surrounding the nails.”


Top 3 Nail Trends for SS21


Clean, healthy natural nails with a clear or very sheer/milky coat of colour only. Length and shape will be dependent on each individual's natural nail shape and nail type.



Micro French Manicure. Think short, squoval nails with an ultra-thin painted tip, in either classic white or pastel shades.



Checked nail designs. We're not leaving nail art behind! Expect to see checked nails in pastels and lighter and brighter hues than traditional black and white. This design by @betina_goldstein is both classic and modern.

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See more of Metta Francis’ work on Instagram @nailsbymets