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The look of 2016?

It’s official; the Lob is a ‘thing’. The so-called ‘long bob’ has stuck it out longer than the Fauhawk and has been hotter than the Pob ever was, which is why it’s here to stay for 2016.

The lob has been appearing on the hair radar for a couple of years – back in 2014 many magazines discussed its imminent demise, but it kept hanging on in there, although it never really ‘took’ as a trend, until 2015. As with so many trends, this one was led by celebrities, and although we can’t really pin it to one celeb, Jennifer Lawrence was definitely one of the first. Former The Hills star and modern day Martha Stewart, Lauren Conrad, really made an impact on her fans when she chopped off her signature California girl long locks in favour of a textured lob, and instantly became a global hair icon.

look of 2016 1

Even Kim Kardashian went for a lob when she went platinum blonde, and she tried it again once she went back to her darker roots, but it’s her sister, Khloe, who has updated the style for 2016. Labelled the ‘fashion lob,’ Khloe’s new look is all about being expensively conditioned and groomed. Her version of the lob is a straight-ended style with tons of texture that she whips into glossy waves. But it’s also about colour placement; Khloe’s colourist has gone for an almost 3D effect colour technique, adding depth and even more texture to her new hair.

look of 2016 2

Another UK-based style-influencer is Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman – after every show aired hundreds of fans would bombard the BBC with questions about what the presenter uses to keep her long bob so glossy. We love the fact that she works her lob with a heavy fringe too; further proof that this style has the potential to be the most versatile, and therefore enduring, look for many years to come.

look of 2016 3

All images sourced from Pinterest.