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The evolution of grey

We know the grey – or granny, as some call it – hair trend is here to stay, but as with all trends, it’s becoming more refined.


Check out Bleach London’s Instagram to see what they mean by ‘space age silver,’ and you’ll know what we mean when we say that this is grey, but not as we know it. The grey we’ve come to love has often be muted and matte, but the modern take on silver is all about creating light and gloss. This is a highly reflective colour result that can only be created by a professional, so you can definitely expect more clients to ask for this look.

Silver hair

White out

The grey trend has also morphed into a paler than pale white/silver colour result – not to be confused with platinum blonde hair! This is a colour that takes great time and effort, but the results can be stunning. Again, a salon-only process.

Denim blues

The denim hair trend has surely evolved from our love of grey, and it’s the perfect complementary tone for those who like to play with multiple cool shades. The great thing about denim shades is that all you have to do is look in your wardrobe, or see what people are wearing on the street, to keep the colour inspiration going. Whether it’s a brand new pair of inky indigo jeans or the palest, most bleached-out denim shirt, there are numerous shades of blue/grey to play with.

Denim hair trend

Get the look

Starting in May, we’re doing some specialist swatch workshops, using Wella Koleston’s Innosense Mineral Shades – perfect for playing with the grey trend! Head to our Facebook page for more details on dates and venues.

Imagery sourced from Instagram