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The Queen of Salon Social

Do you want to become more social savvy? Sophia Hilton and her Salon, Not Another Salon, has become internationally renowned, with social media playing a major role in that exposure. Here Sophia breaks down what you really need to know, in order to survive in the digital jungle.

Break it down for us: Why should any salon be on some sort of social media platform in 2018?
Sophia: Because it's free advertising. I've never had to pay for anything and it's given me a constant flow of new clients. 

How much time should a salon spend on their social media each week?
Sophia: At least an hour a day. And don't just hand it over to an assistant! Just because its more their era than yours does not mean they are the right person to do it. They might understand hashtags but they don't understand branding, advertising and your company like you do. There is no excuse. Sit and learn it every night for as long as it takes. 


If a salon has time to dedicate to just one form of social, which platform would you suggest and why?
Sophia: It depends on the age of the client base. For a younger audience you're best to stick with Instagram; for older it's all about Facebook.


Did you have a followers goal for Not Another's Instagram account?
Sophia: Not really. I'd quite like to be the most followed in the UK and not the second. We became the most followed salon without a consumer product line after only six months. I'm really proud of that. 


What do you put Not Another's massive Instagram following down to?
Sophia: Constantly focusing on it. We tend to succeed at life in things that we put the most effort into. I always put my time into it. Truth is, I don't really like social media, but it's a business tool, and I love business. I've studied it so hard, for so long I've now launched a course solely on social media happening on July 2nd. It's a whole day of education on how to turn your personal or salon page completely around. Check out if you want more details. It's going to be my biggest event of the year with over 200 people! 


Why isn't there a twitter account for Not Another Salon?
Sophia: I deleted us. There's no point being on a platform if you are not going to put effort into it, and I wasn't. Twitter isn't a visual platform so it's not best suited for hairdressers. 


Is it time for salons to start dividing their annual PR budget (if they have one) to accommodate spend on social promotion?
Sophia: No, you don't need money, you just need time. 


Is social media/social PR more valuable to you than being seen in print?
Sophia: Absolute;y, I'd rather get digital platforms like the 'INSIDER' to make a video on us that goes viral, than have an inch in Vogue.