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Summer spa prep

Get clients feeling fresh, relaxed and toned by revamping your spa menu ahead of the Summer sun!

manicure, pedicure and massage

All hands on deck:

Along with the neck, hands are a dead give away for tell-tale signs of ageing and general wear and tear. For clients who think nothing of washing up without gloves (a huge no-no!) to those who love spending time in the great outdoors, taking care of hands is paramount, especially once the sun starts to come out. But it’s not just about a beautifying manicure; instead clients should be signing up for spa-like treats, such as indulgent soaks, enzyme-rich, softening masks and exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid treatments.

Leg appeal:

Throughout the winter months we get to show off our legs behind opaque or fun, knitted tights, but as the summer approaches, we start to get a little bit nervous. As well as the dreaded cellulite – which pretty much every woman has – there are also spider veins and patchy, dry areas that can cause concern. To ensure your clients feel comfortable in a two-piece as well as a cocktail dress, talk to them about treatments that lift, smooth and tighten. Seaweed wraps are amazing at detoxifying and giving an immediate ‘tightness’; intense scrubs, such as Middle Eastern hammams or Korean style buffing, are again great for ridding the body of toxins – which can cause puffiness – and leaving the skin glowing. A great add-on once they’ve had a couple of smoothing sessions, is to top it off with a tanning treatment.

On Foot:

Even the most no-frills beauty fan knows the importance of neat feet. No, they don’t have to be blinged out or super pretty, but keeping feet soft and nails smoothed doesn’t hurt! Think about really indulgent, multi-layered foot services that you can offer. Start off with a softening soak then get scrubbing. Once they’re scrubbed, you can do further callus work, before treating feet to a seaweed-based serum, followed by a paraffin dip to lock in moisture, and keep feet softer for longer.

Imagery via Pinterest.