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Summer Loving Colour Blue

We've been loving Pulp Riot Squad member Lexie Shay Rabbett's colour work over on Instagram, so we thought it was time to ask her for a guest blog! Here, in the second of three blogs, Lexie shares how to recreate this stunning blue look.

Blue Moon 
Blue Hair has taken the spotlight this Summer. From midnight blue to vivid cobalt to minty blue, they're all so stunning in their own right. I found inspiration for this look from those moments when you look up at the moon as it hits the ocean, after a bright, sunny day. It really takes me back to the days of sitting by the beach with the moon being so bright that you don't need a fire or torch! 

Here's how I achieved this look; 
Step 1: My model already had pre-lightened platinum blonde hair, so I used Pulp Riot #blondeAF Powder Lightener and 20vol on roots. I lifted the hair to a 10 level palest yellow - like the inside of a banana - then rinsed and shampooed. 
Step 2: I pre-toned using Pulp Riot High Speed ICY Toner and 10 volume 1:2 for five mins to create a clean canvas. Then I shampooed and blow-dried the hair. 
Step 3: I created a sectioning pattern called the 'Pinwheel'. You section the hair from just off the centre of the forehead, diagonally down just off mid-nape. Start from the apex to the head and take diagonal sections - like cutting a pizza. Clip these sections out of the way of each other. 
Step 4: Mix Formula 1 - 1 tube of Pulp Riot Powder plus a drop of Blue Muse. Mix Formula 2 - 1 tube of Pulp Riot Seaglass with a drop of Area 51 + Blue Muse. Apply each formula alternately to each