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Summer Head to Toe

From nourished hair and pampered faces to manicured toes and fuzz-free, tanned legs, here's our need-to-know round-up of how to get your clients summer-ready.

Hair Prep
"For clients planning a holiday somewhere hot, you should prep their hair in advance. Encourage them to go for an all-over glossing and a deep moisturising treatment before they head off, and while they're away, make sure they have the right products to protect their hair from colour fade. Tell them to wear a hat to use a leave-in conditioner with a built-in SPF, such as Revlon Professional Equave. If they're going to be swimming in the sea or in a pool, tell them to rinse their hair afterwards and to not let it dry in the sun! 

Upon their return, make sure they're booked in for a trim and another glossing and a deep repair treatment. Blonde clients might need toning down if they've brightened too much, while brunettes and redheads will need a glossing all-over to refresh any faded ends and to even out any sun-lightened areas." 
Ceri Cushen, Metropolis Hairdressing 


Brow Love 
"Microbladingis becoming more and more of a go-to service with clients and come the summer months, it gets even more popular, as clients don't want to worry about how their makeup looks while they're by the pool or beach. Microblading is a fantastic alternative to HD Brows, as it's more long-lasting, semi-permanent treatment. It's also water and smudge-proof, which is a great option for clients taking long summer holidays and those who are regular swimmers." 
Leah Durrant, Leah Durrant Hair Salon & Beauty Re:Treat (Learn more by booking onto our Microblading Course at



About Face
"Summer is a time when clients can struggle to balance their skin, due to the sun and humidity, so facials are a great way to help them feel comfortable in their skin, especially at a time when they're likely to be wearing less makeup. Each clients' skin is different and facials should be tailored towards them and their skin type. We offer a fantastic range of facials that are popular due to their unique combination of active ingredients that protect and nourish the skin. The clinically tested formulations are packed with powerful antioxidants and active vitamins which help to improve the appearance of lines, sun damage, problem skin, uneven skin tone and dryness."
Vivienne Curran, Senior Beauty Therapist at KAM. 
(Learn more by booking onto our Beginners Facial Course at



Nailing It 
"Summer will be all about nudes and soft pink shades which some minimalist designs. Chrome-like finishes will stay on-trend for most of the year too. We'll also see more neon shades, teamed with animal print or geometrical designs. Shape-wise, we'll be sticking with a short squoval or a medium almond." 
Julie-Anne Lariviere, nail design expert.