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Size matters!

We’ve been talking about having the right kit to create the most perfect styles come party season, but what are the iconic styles that never fail during the festive period? First up, big hair!


Nothing says glam like a bouffant updo. Whether it’s a retro, Brigitte Bardot-influenced, tousled updo, or a more formal Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s style beehive, a voluminous updo is a great option for clients who want to show off their hair but don’t want to be worrying about how it’s holding up. Creating a long-lasting updo is all down to the prep; which starts with a volumising blowdry and ends with some intense backcombing and fixing products. It’s a great style that really lends itself to some decoration, so feel free to suggest embellished hair clips to your clients, and it’s also a style that you can help them fake! If they have shorter hair, find a clip-on bun or ponytail that you can make into a roll and just be sure that’s secured properly.


This is a no holds barred party style that definitely isn’t for everybody; the woman who wears this full-on style is someone who wants to be seen and is probably used to regularly checking in on how her hair is looking. If you’re lucky enough to have a client with super long hair and thick hair, then you’ve struck gold for this look! Choose a curling option that has real staying power, say heated rollers followed by tongs, and then get to backcombing and brushing out. Once you’ve found the right shape for your client’s face, it’s all about selecting and curling sections around the face to ensure your client doesn’t end up with a helmet of hair – you still want to show some movement. For clients who don’t want too much hair in their face, you can give them a quiff – backcombed of course! Again, this is a great look to fake with clip-ins or if your client already has extensions.

hair down

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All imagery sourced from Pinterest