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Recreate this beautiful braid

While browsing through our favourite collections for our summer magazine, we came across this gorgeous braided style from the team at Royston Blythe. We love the combination of ice-cream tones and the undone braid – a great option for festival-goers! Here the team break down the look, just for you.

Braided hair

The Colour

The base colour is an iced blonde, which offers a wealth of opportunities to experiment with different colours and shades. A good, high lift is essential to recreate this look. Make sure to continually check on the lift to ensure it is taking to the hair – this may take longer and may require more attempts, depending on the hair type and base colour. Once you’ve reached the shade you need, it’s all about experimenting. You can use multiple colours, shades and tones throughout, ensuring that they are strategically placed.

The Style

This is an undone fishtail braid, which we have seen a lot of in the past few months, both on celebrities – such as Blake Lively and Fearne Cotton – as well as catwalks around the world. The way to create such an extravagant forward braid is to take the hair and braid from the side of the head, from ear to ear. Pin to secure. Once secured, loosen the braids to create a more relaxed and undone look; this can be done by using your tail comb or just loosening lightly with your fingers. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

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Image courtesy of Royston Blythe