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Preparing your Summer Skin

 Top selling US skincare brand Pharmagel specialise in skin care and treatments for beauty professionals. Not only are the products formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients but are also clinically proven to improve skin’s texture and radiance. Pharmagel breaks down all the myths and misconceptions of wearing sun cream, how best to prepare your clients skin for the sun using 3 key steps and why it is essential to advise clients to wear sun cream. Every. Single. Day.

Skin preparation

 Preparing skin for the sun is a must to keep that youthful glow and exfoliating is a great way to do just that. The removal of dead skin cells helps rejuvenate new skin cells, creating a soft and smooth complexion. However, be aware, when exfoliating the skin that you always follow with sun cream, as exfoliating the skin will leave you more sensitive to the sun and more susceptible to sun damage. This is why it is essential to advise clients after any treatment to apply and reapply sun cream to maintain healthy skin. 

 Pharmagel break down 3 simple steps to follow using their products prior to sun cream application for the ultimate summer body glow.

 Step 1.
Pharmagel Shower Polish, the perfect exfoliant. The botanical body wash has key ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help keep the skin healthy and hydrated. A fine grain of volcanic polish gently exfoliates dull and dry skin using Algae to leave skin feeling supple and soft.

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 Step 2.

 Slender Shaper body gel, visibly smooths and firms the skin resulting in smoother-looking body contours, silkier skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

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 Step 3.

Pharmagel Derma Brite, a creamy moisturiser containing a special blend of ingredients to reduce the appearance of discoloration and hyperpigmentation caused by exposure to the elements and the normal ageing process. It also contains three effective sun creams, Derma Bríte® has an SPF 35 to help protect skin from the sun's damaging rays.

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What’s the best way to keep wrinkles and skin discoloration at bay? 

Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.

Although most people now know that sun cream is a vital part of any healthy skincare routine, there are still a number of myths and misinformation surrounding it. Here are some of the most common sun cream misconceptions to make your clients aware of:
Myth 1: Sun cream isn't necessary on cloudy days 
Some people only think to apply sun cream when the sun is shining. The reality is that you should wear sun cream every day no matter the weather. Even if the sky is full of clouds, ultraviolet rays can filter through the cloud cover, and in winter months snow reflects UV rays and can further contribute to sun damage.

Myth 2: Dark skin doesn't require sun cream

False. Dark skin is still susceptible to sun damage, even if it’s harder to see. The truth is that melanin can only protect skin to a certain extent. Although melanin does provide some natural sun protection, it’s not enough to prevent the kind of UV damage that leads to skin cancer and premature skin aging. 

Myth 3: You can't get sunburned if you sit inside all day 
If you sit near a window, you might still need sun protection. That’s because glass only filters out UVB radiation, not the longer wavelength UVA rays that penetrate deeper into skin and contribute to premature skin aging. And while tinted windows provide greater UVA filtration, it’s still important to apply sun cream to all exposed areas of skin before you get into the car.  

Myth 4: Applying sun cream in the morning offers enough protection for the day 
Many people believe that applying a layer of sun cream in the morning will provide them with adequate all-day sun protection. The reality is that while applying some sun scream is a lot better than none, it won’t last the whole day. Sun cream tends to lose its effectiveness after a few short hours, which is why it’s best to reapply at least every 2 hours that you plan to be outside.

Myth 5: Water resistant sun creams stay put all day long
Water resistant does not mean waterproof or sweat proof. Contact with water and sweat lessens UV protection even in water resistant sun cream formulas. If you’re planning on swimming or being active outdoors, be sure to reapply sun cream right after you get out of the water or after a good sweat, and keep in mind that you may need to reapply more often than every 2 hours.

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