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Perfect party lips

Over the coming weeks, more and more of your clients are going to be spending on their Christmas and New Year’s outfits – and they’re also going to be thinking about the right hair and make-up choices for those looks. Over the next few blogs we’ll be focused on party season classics, starting with the red lip.

party lips

Metallic Red:

Metallic reds come in a wide range of tones, from deep and dark plummy tones shot through with gold, to orange-based reds with rose gold accents. For clients with cooler based skin, you can try the deeper tones with a silvery sheen and for darker skins, think bronzed shimmer on top of a berry lip. With metallic lips you can really push the boundaries when it comes to the accompanying eye looks; think metallic bronze or, for a contemporary look, try a shimmering aqua or teal.


Matte lips have become a red carpet and everyday staple; no longer a chalky, drying affair, matte lip products come in a range of formulas, from moisturising crayons to liquid paints that dry to a flexible, matte finish. For a matte party lip, only two red tones will do: a no holds barred scarlet or a dark and mysterious burgundy. If you choose the right product (ideally the liquid to matte products), your clients won’t even need to reapply – until the next morning! Keep eyes super clean and neutral, with zero lower lash mascara, or, go for Hollywood glam, and give them a retro cat’s eye eyeliner.


There’s something great about a morning after hint of colour on the lips – which obviously only happens if you’ve been too lazy to take all your make-up off. But still, the stained look is a great option for women who don’t like to wear a ton of make-up, or don’t want to think about reapplying throughout the night. As with all ‘less is more’ looks, to create a stained lip, you still need to put the work in to ensure a long-lasting effect. Choose a berry toned red and either apply at the centre of the lips and ombre it out with a moisturising (but not oily) lip balm, or apply the lipstick all over the lips, then blot, and blot , and blot, until there’s just a final stain left.  To accompany this lip, a simple, thin dash of eyeliner in dark brown or blackest black will do.

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