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Out Top Three International Colourists

Who: Renya Xydis
Sydney, Australia 
Why: Renya is one of those hairdressers who can do it all, and her cutting, styling and colouring skills are often called upon by Aussie A-listers such as Cate Blanchett. Known throughout the industry for her gorgeous, warm pink hair, and her equally warm persona, Renya’s work is instantly recognisable for its boldness and fashion-forward signature and is heavily influenced by trends and traditions.

Where: Keep up to date with Wella ambassador Renya and her team via Instagram @valonzhaircutters


Who: Guy Tang
California, US
Why: In our humble opinion, Guy has transformed the world of colour. This West Hollywood-based colourist pushes colour to the extreme, but never compromises on style or the overall health of the hair. He’s a firm believer in playing with super long hair, so he’ll often use a ton of extensions to make his colour dream come true. No colour is out of bounds for Guy; even when he takes things back to blondes and brunettes, his technique is like no other. Unfortunately for us, he isn’t taking on anymore clients!
Where: Follow him on Instagram @guy_tang or simply type his name into Pinterest for a wealth of colour inspo

Who: Romeu Felipe
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Why: If Guy is the king of pushing colour, Romeu is the king of nurturing it. Flick through his Instagram and you will see the most beautiful array of blondes and brunettes. Romeu finds exactly the right tone for each and every client, whether that’s a chocolate-y brunette or a white-hot platinum. He’s definitely a lover of long hair but he’s also got some great lobs in there too. Either way, this is some serious colour inspiration, whatever your clients’ hair length is.
Where: Find Romeu on Instagram @romeufelipe

All imagery taken from Pinterest