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One for the boys

British Hairdressing nominee Craig Chapman gives us his men’s predictions for 2017.


Whether your clients have long or short hair, the centre part will be making a huge comeback in 2017, and the power behind the look is that it has the ability to redefine any current trend instantly. With mid-century influences rocking everything in fashion, the mood in men’s hair is evolving from a pinched, preened and clipped style to more free and expressive looks that are touchable.

man with long hair and centre parting


Mid-length hair is powering up for 2017 as it’s easy to achieve reasonably quickly. Let’s face facts; the growing process can be a little tedious! Think 1970s flicks, body and lots of natural movement. It’s less about using excessive amounts of product and more about creating a soft, under-groomed look with minimal work. Adding a shaved panel will ensure you’re not creating a direct copy!

man with mid-length hair

The Bowl:

Yes, the bowl cut is making its return! Whether it’s super short or brow level, this super strong late sixties inspired look is rocking it on all the catwalks and spreading onto the streets. The look can be bold with a skin fade at the sides to create a statement or it can be worn soft like the models on the catwalk at Valentino and Gucci. It’s not for the faint-hearted but for clients who are into very defined styles, this could be the one.

man with bowl-cut hair

All imagery: Craig Chapman Hair Design