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Nontouring - Is it really going to be a thing?

Stop the press! This week contouring addict and trend-setter Kim Kardashian announced that she doesn’t believe in full-on contouring anymore. Instead she prefers strobing, and nontouring – read on to find out more about this potential new trend.

Not a day goes by when there isn’t a new YouTube video or Instagram post about ‘creating the perfect contour’. It seems we’re all in search of creating our perfect face, and lately, that perfect face has been one that is often heavily contoured, thanks to the application of multiple shades of bronzer and illuminating highlighters. Yet for Kim Kardashian, the undisputed contouring queen – with the help of her amazing make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic – it’s no longer about sculpting those cheeks. While attending the Vogue festival in London, Kim said she now prefers ‘nontouring’, adding a highlight to her skin, with zero bronzer. The effect is essentially the same as strobing, where illuminating products are added to brows, along the nose, Cupid’s bow and cheekbones. The result is a softer, prettier glow that really allows your features to show through. The fact that nontouring requires less product makes it a no-brainer for women – particularly brides – who have never loved wearing a ton of make-up, and it also won’t play havoc with selfies; no panda eyes here!

Kim Kardashian nontouring

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