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New year, new skills

new year, new skills We all know what it’s like; you get your qualifications, start a business or get a job and you work – hard. Before you know it, several years have passed and you’ve barely had time to think about updating your skills. But, as with so many other occupations, it’s vital to keep your knowledge of trends and techniques up to date…

Invest in yourself

Ask any medical practitioner or massage therapist – anyone who takes care of the human body in any capacity, basically – and they will tell you that annual learning is a prerequisite in their role. In fact, for some professionals, if they don’t keep their skills updated, they can end up in a situation where they will be unable to list themselves as qualified anymore.

In the world of hair and beauty, there are numerous courses out there, all aimed at building on your strengths and weaknesses and increasing your knowledge of techniques, innovations and products, but the onus is on you to sign up, there’s no legal requirement.

If you’re set on becoming a success long term, it’s imperative that you don’t rest on your laurels; investing in yourself is probably the best money you could ever spend. You can buy the latest waxing tools, the most expensive microdermabrasion equipment, or you could have the most stylish salon around, but if you don’t spend time and money on increasing your skill set, you could be asking for trouble.

At the end of the day, when a client walks in the door, they’re not buying into the machinery or the décor (although it might be quite lovely) – they’re buying into you. They’re valuing your demeanour, your approach, and fundamentally your know-how.

Continuous learning is such a valuable tool for your future, why not budget a certain education spend into your annual accounts? This way it doesn't have to be a struggle, and don’t forget, you can also use this budget to help your team reach their ultimate abilities. A skilled team is an enviable asset when you’re building a brand.

**Throughout January and February we are giving you 10% off all of our training courses, which means there has never been a better time to learn something new!