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New Year New Skill

Whatever your ambitions are when it comes to hair and beauty talents, make this year your year. Make the most of our 10% off training and successfully master a new skill, or skills, with confidence. With our wide selection of courses, Capital have got you covered to hit the ground running for twenty-nineteen, whether it's with nails, brows & lashes, hair or waxing. Don't just think about it, get it booked and watch new opportunities materialise - you can thank us later!

Complete Nail Technician Course
This comprehensive training programme is designed for those wishing to aquire the capability and competence as a skilled nail technician, or for experienced nail technicians to revive and update their skills or change over from an existing nail system.This can lead to a complete career change and qualify you in multiple nail treatments. With all the materials provided throughout the 5 day course, there's really nothing to stop you.

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The Manicure Company Acrylic Extensions
The Manicure Company has set out to give nail techs a new, innovative option since 2016. On this exciting two day course, learn how to apply tips/extensions to the nail followed by the application of The Manicure Company acrylic range. This course is suitable for beginners (days 1 & 2) and existing technicians wishing to learn a new system (day 2). 

Through completing this course you can begin to offer this treatment to your clients, being one of the most popular nail-enhancement services currently requested in salons and from nail technicians. The acrylic nail extension system is the most popular in the UK, holding about 50% of the nail market, making it extremely profitable to learn. 

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Microblading is a brow-enhancing trend that's here to stay. The benefits of microblading are endless; it's time-saving, cost-effective and perfect for those with an active and busy lifestyle. This exciting course is designed to ensure every student is trained to become a skilled, knowledgeable and confident artist in practising the skill of eyebrow procedures using the ancient technique, originating from Asia, of embroidery microblading. 

What could it mean for a beauty therapists earnings? Depending on the area or the city you're based in, on average around £295 per client, which includes the four to six-week top-up. The client will also need a colour boost to keep it fresh, approximately 12 months after the first procedure. A therapist could charge around £100-£150 within 12 months and £150-£200 within 18 months. 

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Plaiting & Braiding 

This course is suitable for beauticians or hairdressers to add to their treatment list. You will focus on the fast-paced and trend-driven plaiting and braiding skills during this hands on practical workshop. As part of this workshop you will learn how to do rope plaits and fashion plaits using two, three and four strands. Suitable for beginners. 

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Foundation Waxing 
Learn warm & hot waxing for the leg, underarm, bikini, brow and upper lip areas on this beginners waxing course. Waxing is a great treatment for beauticians to offer and this one day course also includes advice on how to start up your waxing clientele. 

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Explore even more amazing courses, and book before 28th February to receive 10% off, on our website: