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Never stop learning

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many hairdressers over the years, interviewing them and following them around backstage at Fashion Week, but one thing has never changed: the constant urge to stay educated.

When it comes to the world of fashion, there’s always been an air of secrecy around what designers do and think, and how they work. As a journalist, it can sometimes be like pulling teeth! But when I wandered into the world of professional hair, I immediately noticed how willing the industry was to share its secrets and also how important continued learning seemed to be. Be it a newbie stylist at a small salon in Birmingham or TIGI’s Anthony Mascolo, the desire to learn has been a consistent thread throughout my hair industry journey. Perhaps it’s down to the ever-evolving trends that Mascolo et al invent and inspire, but it’s so rare to meet a lazy hairdresser! (If they do exist they are likely not doing very well and probably don’t have a client under 60.)

Anthony Mascolo via Shelley Raymond

In some careers, a thirst for learning might sometimes be seen as an admission of not knowing enough, but the hair world actually sees it as a necessity. How can you assume that you’ve done it all? Every day there seems to be a new colour technique – and carrying these off on a clients’ head requires real finesse, and that can only come through education and practice.

As the sayings go – ‘you’re never too old’ and ‘it’s never too late’ when it comes to learning. If you’ve been thinking about adding to your skills, don’t hesitate to check out our own range of training courses; likewise if you’re a complete hair virgin! Never be afraid of improving yourself; it’s all part of one amazing journey.

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