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Nail this seasons floral design with help from Gellux nail technician, Julie-Anne Larivière

Movember is upon us once again so Salon System Gellux Nail Technician, Julie-Anne Larivière has created this cute moustache nail design using Gellux gel polishes. Read on for her step by step to see how you can get your clients involved to help support the Movember charity that raises awareness for prostate cancer during the month of November.

Movember moustache nail design

Step by step:

  1. Prepare nail and clean with Gellux Prep + Wipe, then apply Gellux Fast Bond and allow to dry for 60 seconds.

  2. Apply Gellux Easy Off Base Coat, then cure, 30 seconds with LED, 2 minutes UV.

  3. Apply Gellux Purely White, then cure, 30 seconds with LED, 2 minutes UV.

  4. Apply a second coat of Gellux Purely White and cure.

  5. Apply Gellux Black Onyx to one half of the nail, then cure, 30 seconds with LED, 2 minutes UV.

  6. Apply a second coat of Gellux Black Onyx and cure.

  7. Using a dotting tool and nail brush, create a moustache, as per the below tutorial, using Gellux Black Onyx on the white side of the nail and Gellux Purely White on the black side of the nail. Cure, 30 seconds with LED, 2 minutes UV.

  8. Movember moustache nail design tutorial
  9. Apply a second coat of each colour to the moustache if necessary, then cure.

  10. Apply Gellux Shiny Top Coat and cure, 60 seconds LED, 3 minutes UV.

  11. Wipe off the sticky layer with Gellux Prep + Wipe and apply Naillux Cuticle Cream to moisturise the skin around the nails.

For more of Julie-Anne's nail art designs, visit her Twitter page @Juya_duranie89.