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Look 3 by Indola

Discover the third and final look by Indola 


Colour Recipe: 
Using Blonde Expert Bleach+ 6% / 20Vol Indola Cream Developer t2

STEP 1: Apply to the ends and develop for 5 minutes 
STEP 2: Apply to the mid-lengths / 1 to 2cm from the scalp and develop for 10 minutes 
STEP 3: Apply to the roots and develop for up to 45 minutes
STEP 4: Rinse, shampoo and dry hair

Using 60ml PCC 9.11+3ml PCC Creator 100 with 63ml 2% / 7vol Indola Cream Developer 
STEP 5: Tone the complete head started at the nape

Key Styling 
Bow-Dry Spray 
+ Volumising Powder