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It's all about the brows!

Lisa Stone, Brow Expert and Salon System Educator on Brow Lamination Trends, gives us the latest on the new products and techniques you should be using on your clients right now.

 The past year has been a rollercoaster, it’s had it’s ups and downs, highs and lows and has hit our industry hard. Many of our clients have been resorting to home treatments and DIY techniques to keep their brows in check. Now with our industry starting to rebuild and get back on track we are faced with a lot of corrective work, especially on those brows!

 Our brow game has never been more needed and as our eyes continue to take centre stage with face mask still being part of everyday life, we need to make sure our eyes and brows are on point as they are the first thing seen and where eyes are drawn too with the rest of our faces undercover.

 Brow trends are strong in 2021 a strong brow will dominate. We have seen brow lamination being a hot trend and the most requested brow treatment in 2020 and that trend isn’t going anywhere. A professional brow lamination can dramatically change the brow and a great treatment to create bigger, bolder, fuller and more volumised brows.

 Brow lamination offers us a chance to tame unruly messy brows, allowing us to set and position hair into a neat and uniform shape. Creating strong definition and on trend bold brows but also a perfect treatment for thinning brows, brows that have maybe been over waxed/plucked or naturally thinning with age, it allows us to position and move hair to fill in gaps, the “fluffed” up look gives the illusion of more depth and volume, my more mature clients are loving it and have preferred brow lamination as an alternative to microblading and treatments more permanent.

 Brow lamination gives you the opportunity to create the latest trends/styles and the most requested looks are:

 CLASSIC LAMINATION - A great way to control unruly brows and create a uniform shape, brush hairs up or down to create a light, glossy groomed look with a touch of volume, great for covering little gaps.

 BRUSH BROW - One of the hottest trends at the moment is the supermodel look, Strong, Big, Bold dramatic brows that dominate the face, create this look with big feathery brushed looked. This look works well on clients with a lot of hair.

 FLUFFY &FEATHERY - Hybrid between classic and brushed looks, great for creating volume and texture. This look works well on thinning brows or sparse brows to add the illusion of volume and thickness.

 I am so delighted with the NEW Salon System Lash Lift and Brow Lift range. The products are kind and gentle but effective, they offer outstanding performance and allow me to work confidently. I especially love the keratin enriched nourishing serum that gives a glossy plumping look to the hair and lashes. The dual-purpose products are perfect for combining both brow and lash lifting packages.

 With the Brow Lamination and Lash Lift becoming increasingly popular with customers, Salon System has created the perfect two in one system to help with the demand. The easy 3 step system lifts lashes for 8 weeks and laminates brows for 3-4 weeks to complete your client’s eye treatment. The existing Salon System Lashlift range has been developed to incorporate brows and lashes safely. With an improved Lift Lotion, a new Boost Lotion, plus a new cream formulation and recyclable packaging, the NEW Lash & Brow Lift System has been expertly tried and tested for long-lasting results.

 Shop here to discover the new range from Salon System on their new Lash and Brow Lifts.

 As we move through 2021, we see the art of brow tinting become more adventurous, with precision tinting, custom blending to create exciting, exotic, harmonising colours and brow bleaching allowing us to create strong statement brows that are so on trend right now. It may be worth updating your tinting skills and growing your confidence in offering a more individual tinting service to your clients and an edge on your competitors, rebuilding your brow clientele with a fresh new look and more brow services to freshen up your treatment menu. Putting your client’s brows back in the hands of the skilled professional, no more mishaps from DIY brow antics, with fantastic professional bespoke brow service Taylor made for your face shape, skin tone, hair colour and personality. Take back the brow game, Brows are taking centre stage and the eyes are doing the talking.

 For more inspiration and tips, check out to read our round-up of the latest looks.