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Into the sunset

A huge trend right now in the States, the sunset hair technique is a great way for women with long hair to really play with colour.

What is it?


Sunset hair made its first appearance earlier this year, but at the time it was more of a temporary thing, something that editorial hair stylists would play with, with the help of hair chalks. As other trends such as opal and petrol emerged, ombre also made a comeback, and some where along the way it blended into a kind of hybrid hair colour, inspired by the ever-changing tones of a sunset.

The new way to wear it:

When the trend first emerged, it was often just the ends of the hair that were painted, or perhaps highlights, but the new version of the trend is all-in. The entire length of the hair is coloured, in a similar way to the ombre technique, but instead of it being complementary tones that seamlessly blend into one another, it’s all about vibrant tones that ripple throughout the hair. While pastels are a popular way to wear the trend, most colour clients are opting for bold purples that blend into reds that fade into coppers and yellowy blondes.


One thing’s for sure, this is a look that requires the right after care and plenty of repeat visits to the salon!

Imagery sourced from Pinterest