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Inner beauty

We’ve got another cracking get the look for you; this time, it’s by Wella Professionals, from its Distilled Collection.

wella powdered red model

Sometimes, less is actually more. The SS15 Distilled Collection is about reducing and fine tuning, for a magnified effect that brings out the best in everyone. Cell-inspired beauty technology explores and addresses the specificities of hair in both colour and styling. Taking inspiration from pure and healthy skin, the look brings out the sensuality of inner beauty. 

In this get the look we recreate Powdered Red, a distilled red that takes an iconic colour to a new level.

Colour formulas

A. Blondor FREELIGHTS + 6 % Blondor FREELIGHTS Developer 1:1,5before model 2
B. Color Touch Relights /44 + /47 + /00 1:2:2 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9 %
C. Color Touch Relights /56 + /44 + /00 1:1 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9 %

Colour placement

V-section: Feathering the colour in a V creates softer, shadowed results.
Diamond: Use the diagonal lines to create spreads of colour. They can be used to peek through on top and/or accentuate underneath.



  1. Use formula A in a freehand technique throughout the hair, creating a deep V in your application of the product. Once sufficient lift has been achieved, remove the colour in the normal manner and blowdry the hair.

  2. Start with a backward diagonal at the nape. Apply Formula C to roots and alternate Formula B and C through the mid-lengths and ends.

  3. Apply Formula B to the diamond section from roots to ends. Leave to develop for five minutes.
colour collage


  1. Using a razor, cut the fringe to desired length.

  2. Take a 1cm section near the ear and cut your guideline using the razor. Then connect the fringe guideline to the section near the ear and follow down and around towards the back nape. Complete both sides.

  3. Create soft graduation by taking horizontal sections and cutting at 90 degrees.

  4. Bring the top section down using the base line as a guide.
cut collage


Create a tissue band to keep the top smooth. Spray with Wella Professionals Thermal Image to protect against the heat.

styling collage

All imagery courtesy of Wella Professionals, taken from the SS15 Distilled Collection.