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In love with opal

aura colourist It was only a matter of time before summer’s vibrant rainbow hair trend made way for something a little more subtle.

The latest trend that women are playing with - at the salon and at home – is the opal hair tone. Think of it as the older, more sophisticated sister of the bubbly rainbow hair colour trend. Inspired by the multi-tonal qualities of the precious opal stone, this technique is all about placement. Think about how sunlight reflects tones of pearly pink, blue and green when it shines on an opal, or even a slick of petrol.

opal hair model

The woman we have to thank for bringing the trend to the mainstream is the amazing colourist, Aura Friedman (see her Instagram info below). I’ve been lucky enough to interview her in the past, and there are few people as avidly experimental as she is when it comes to hair colour.

As a professional, one thing that works in your favour, is that this is definitely not a low maintenance look, and any woman wanting to try the opal trend should absolutely head to a colourist, rather than attempting the look at home. With such a nuanced look, the tones are bound to fade quickly, so clients will need to come in for regular upkeep if they want to maintain such an on-trend look.

While the trend mostly lends itself to blondes, it’s also been seen on brunettes; it’s all about the tones you choose.

What do you think of this trend? Can you see clients asking for it at your salon?

Images taken from Pinterest and also @auracolorist on Instagram.