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Summer Loving Colour Rainbow Daze

We've been loving Pulp Riot Squad member Lexie Shay Rabbett's colour work over on Instagram, so we thought it was time to ask her for a guest blog! Here, in the last of three blogs, Lexie shares how to recreate this amazing rainbow hair look.

Rainbow Daze 
There are millions of ways to wear rainbow hair and there's no right or wrong way of doing it. My inspiration for this look is those days when the sun is so bright and there's a scatter of rain, so you end up seeing loads of those tiny little rainbows. I love bold and bright looks but I also love softer, more subtle looks, and this one is great for clients who are a little scared of bright tones. 

I created this on a platinum base but you can use it on balayage hair, highlighted hair, dark hair - as well as amongst other rainbow hair - you're the artist! 

Here's how I achieved this look; 
Step 1. My model previously had platinum hair, so I refreshed the roots using Pulp Riot #blondeAF Powder Lightener and 20vol, lifted to a level 10 pale yellow. The perfect thing about Blonde AF Lightener is that is doesn't swell, so you get little to no overlap and no damage! 
Step 2. I rinsed and toned the hair using Pulp Riot High Speed SILVER Toner with 6vol 1:3 (diluted) on towel dried hair. Leave for eight minutes, then shampoo and dry off. 

In the ROYGBV colour pattern for rainbow, here are the formulas, using Pulp Riot Semi Permanent Colours - instead of Red, I actually used pink because I wanted a more pastel look: 
F1. Blush 
F2. Blush, Cupid and a scrape of Fireball, using the top of my tint brush to create an orange peach 
F3. Lemon 
F4. Seaglass and a dot of Area 51 
F5. Powder and a dot of Blue Muse 
F6. Lilac and a dot of Jam 

Step 3. Divide the hair into 3 sections - 2 front sides and 1 consisting of the whole back. Divide the back section into 3 horizontal sections. At the bottom section, create two diagonal back rainbow panels on either side of the head, about a cm wide and about 1-2inches apart. Do the same again with the next horizontal sections*. For the top section I only did one on either side. For the front sections I split them into two horizontal sections and created one diagonal back rainbow panel within each of these sections. 

*Tip: How to Create Rainbow Panels on each 1cm diagonal back section. Divide in two. Lay over meche piece/paper/foil/ or whatever is comfortable to use. Apply each colour in ROYGBV colour pattern just under an inch thick. Continue pattern until you run out of length. Apply second layer of section straight over colour and so same technique. After applied, rub finger in between each colour to smudge together. Lay meche over the top and continue the rest. 

Step 4. Process up to 40 mins, rinse with high pressure cold water. There is no need to condition but I did with this one because the global blonde colour needed to be conditioned. 

To style: it's up to you! 

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