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Summer Loving Colour Rose Gold

We've been loving Pulp Riot Squad member Lexie Shay Rabbett's colour work over on Instagram, we thought it was time to ask her for a guest blog! Here, in the first of three blogs, Lexie shares how to recreate this beautiful rose gold.

Beach Rose 
Being from Australia, balayage is definitely one of my favourite colour techniques, not just for summer, but all year long. It's versatile, low maintenance and hot as hell!! Balayage is perfect for that fresh from the beach, sun-kissed look. You can keep it blonde, icy, creamy or try ash, but rose gold is perfect for summer. 

Here's how I achieved this look; 
Step 1. My model already had a balayage vibe going on so I lightened and brightened by hand painting. Parting the hair into three sections, from mis forehead to crown down to behind ears. There are 2 sections from ears forward and the 3rd section is the whole back of the head. 
Step 2. Using Pulp Riot Clay Lightener + 20vol, I started from the 3rd section (back) creating a V section from middle ears to middle nape. I applied the product to the ends of the hair first to keep the brightness towards the ends, then worked my way up create a 'V' with the product; this also creates depth and dimension. You can either weave this or apply to the whole section, depending on how saturated you want to go. Using the same sectioning patterns all the way up to the crown, about an inch thick but alternated, divide each big 'V' section into two, to create two smaller 'V's and apply the product exactly the same way. 
Step 3. Front sections (same on both sides) - take a section about a half an inch thick from middle parting to top of ear. Apply product to entire hair length and feather right into hair line, creating a natural sun-kissed face frame. Take Herringbone sections about half an inch thick to finish off sections, using same painting techniques at the back. 
Step 4. Lift to a level 9 banana yellow, before rinsing and shampooing. Then apply Pulp Riot High Speed ROSE GOLD toner 1:2 ratio with 10vol on towel dried hair. Process for seven minutes then rinse and shampoo thoroughly as these are progressive toners. Then it's time to condition! 

To style: it's all about that 'I woke up like this' kinda vibe, so think texture. 

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