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How to sell more salon gift cards

Retailing your own gift cards has two main benefits – Upfront, guaranteed payment and a new client through your door. They are also popular with clients, solving their gift dilemmas quickly and letting them treat loved ones. So why aren’t you selling more? Read our gift card guide and increase your profits.

Capital gift card


Make sure your gift cards are displayed in a prominent place in the client’s view, preferably on or near the front desk for easy purchase. They should be eye-catching, attractive and in fitting with your brand.


When discussing gift cards, either face to face or across social media, use language to reflect how special they will make people feel, such as luxury, treat, pampering, relaxation, spoil them, a gift they will love etc.


Rather than vouchers being printed on cheap paper, make your gift cards look as luxurious as possible. Offer a range of greetings cards to put the gift card inside for birthdays, anniversaries etc, or even put them in a box wrapped with ribbon or offer to gift wrap them. Another option is to create bespoke packages including gift cards with several other retail items, such as hair treatments or nail polish.

The perfect gift

Gift cards should sell best during special occasions, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In the lead up to these events, promote your gifts cards on your website, social media and salon windows.

Online marketing

Run competitions to win a gift card and promote on social media and your website. Ensure the competition encourages clients and potential clients to engage with, re-tweet, like or share your online content. The gift card will introduce a new client to your salon, while the competition strengthens your online presence and hopefully attracts new clients. Send emails to your client base promoting gift cards around Christmas and other special events, reminding them what a fantastic gift they make.
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Added value

Designate some gift cards for specific treatments, rather than cash amounts. For example, a Mother’s Day gift card for a full body massage. Package two or more treatments together for perceived added value by charging less than if bought separately.


Ideally your gift cards should be available at your salon and online. Especially at Christmas when time is sparse, people often head online for convenience. If this is not possible, include a page on your website dedicated to gift cards; the different ones available, where you can buy them, prices and terms and conditions.

Gift card sale

Consider discounting gift cards in order to fill quieter times. For example, 20% off gift cards bought in November that are redeemable only during January and February.

Reward loyal clients

Your loyal clients make you a lot of money. Why not reward them with a gift card on their birthday? If you run a client loyalty scheme, how about rewarding them with a gift card?


Consider a staff incentive for who can sell the most gift cards. This will help sales and boost staff morale as they are being rewarded for doing their job well. Click here for details of our Marketing Your Business training course.