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How to sell more retail products

Studies show that your client retention can increase up to 30% every time you sell that client a retail item, as well as boosting your profits. Read our guide on how to make your salon a one-stop-shop for the services and products your clients love.

Customer purchasing products


A thorough client consultation will get you thinking about what retail items would best suit their needs. Think, what are they concerned about? What would they like to improve? What could you help with? Have a good look. Is their hair thin? Then they need a volumising product. Are their cuticles dry? Then they need cuticle oil, and soon. Suggest items accordingly after their service or treatment. Read our blog on The Importance of a Good Consultation.

Choose products you believe in:

It’s easy to be enthusiastic when it comes to recommending products you love. This will make retailing less like selling and more like just recommending great after-care products you know will benefit your clients. Your shelf space is valuable so don’t be afraid to be ruthless if a product line doesn’t sell after a certain amount of time. If your clients are not interested despite your best efforts, get rid of it and replace it with something they will like more.

Know your clients:

What products would your clientèle be interested in? What is the average budget? Are the products unique enough to set your salon apart? Professional products will make you stand out as your clients will not be able to buy them on the High Street.

You’re the expert:

Be confident. Retailing shows clients how knowledgeable you are and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs. This builds trust, likely to keep clients coming back. Make sure any staff are equally knowledgeable about the products you stock.


Make sure your products are at eye level, near the till, clean, neat and label facing out. Make the display eye-catching and in theme with the current season or event. For example, summer, Christmas or Mother’s Day.


Make testers available and in sight so clients can look, smell and touch new products. If you have space, place these where the clients pay. Who can resist a tempting, last-minute buy?

Educate your clients:

Ask them what they usually use, to style their hair for example, and ask if they’d like to see what a product you are retailing can do as a one-time, free, additional service. Tell the client what you are using and why. Show them step-by-step how to use the product, showing how easy it is to recreate the look at home. When you have finished the treatment, encourage client feedback. For example, ask them to run their fingers through their hair - “Doesn’t your hair feel so much softer?”

Reward big spenders:

Offer a reward scheme where clients who purchase 10 products get one free. Or how about rewarding regulars with money off retail items when they have a certain number of treatments at your salon? You could also consider rewarding staff who meet retail sales targets but make sure this doesn’t become too competitive as it could create a pressurising environment for them and your clients.


Promote your retail range on your salon windows, website, flyers, business cards and social media. Read our blog on How to Make the Most of Social Media.

Don’t give up:

How ever good your sales pitch is, some clients still won’t buy. It could be money constraints, lack of interest or a number of other reasons. Never be persistent or pushy when someone isn’t interested. Keep positive and try again with the next client.

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