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Top Christmas salon retail tips - Part 1

Christmas is a time when everyone wants to share the love with gifts that matter, so it’s vital that your salon’s retail offerings are in the right place, and suit the needs/wants of your clientele. Make product sales easier for your staff, with these simple tips from Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing. We’ll be coming back with part 2 in December…

1: Avoid Mixed Messages

It’s great if you want to give customers a bargain within expensive stocking fillers – just make sure they’re given their own area and aren’t placed directly near to your high-end, high priced electricals!

2: Eye Level = Buy Level

There’s no point showcasing items that you believe will be great sellers in an area that’s not within eye level. Think about browsing the aisles of your favourite stores or supermarkets; it’s usually the higher-priced items that will be placed at eye level, while own-brand, cheaper products, willbe lower down. If a product’s out of reach, it’s likely to gather dust, so make sure your luxe products are placed between waist height and eye level.

3: Colour Choices

It’s easy to go full-on red when it comes to Christmas retailing, but remember, red is often a colour that’s associated with discounts or sales, so think about some other, more premium tones. Rich purples, silvers and golds teamed with black can often spell luxury and decadence, while green signals an eco range and pinks and pastels are often aimed at women. That said, you don’t have to fall into traditional trends – it’s all about the overall effect, which is less Christmas grotto, more sophisticated and festive.

4: Lighting

You can have the most amazing array of products, and yet, with the wrong lighting, you can end up keeping them hidden. Invest in soft spotlights rather than stark, flat lighting across the salon. Uplighters that can be directed on specific areas are useful, and even a coloured bulb or two can work to highlight a particularly attractive range.

5: Awaken the Senses

The salon experience begins the minute someone walks into the door. Even if they’re not coming in for an appointment, you can set the tone for someone’s shopping trip with a welcome smile, and even some mulled wine. Light delicately scented candles for some festive warmth, and for goodness sake, don’t play the same Christmas hits album over and over! Keep clients – and staff – enthused with regularly updated playlists.

Tips taken from the original article 20 Christmas Salon Retail Tips That Work
Imagery taken from Pinterest