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How to make Christmas retailing work for you

Many salons and mobile therapists dismiss retailing at Christmas time, it’s such a busy time that it can often be a struggle to find an extra couple of minutes; but retail sales truly are the icing on the cake when it comes to your festive profits…

christmas presents

Whether you’re a mobile therapist or salon based, follow our top tips to make the most of your Christmas retailing and boost your income over the festive period.

Eye Level is Buy Level

If you are working from a salon, you have a huge advantage as you can create a beautiful display and simply top up when required. Place your display at eye level so that you can catch the eye of your client straight away.

If you’re a mobile therapist, you can still display your retail and the Sienna X crackers are the perfect addition to your kit bag. They are small enough to stow away, but their design allows you to make a quick pyramid display, using just 3, 7 or 10.

sienna x products

Learn your FABs

The best way to sell a product, is to sell its Features and Benefits… ensure that you know what these are for each of your products and that you are confident in talking about them to clients. For example: “I love the Instant Glamour and Glow Cracker – the Shimmer Spray is really festive and it’s a great way to jazz up your tan!”

Host a Christmas Launch

Invite all of your clients to a Christmas launch at your salon. If you’re a mobile therapist, look at function rooms or village halls – quite often you can hire these out for free!

Put on a small spread of Mince Pies and Mulled Wine and offer an exclusive deal on your retail offering for the launch only. It’s also a great opportunity to fill your diary with Christmas appointments!

Keep it Odd!

Psychologically we favour odd numbers, so display your products in clusters of 3, 5, 7 or 9 to appeal to the subconscious and to encourage your clients to make a purchase.

Make the most of FREE Marketing Space

Marketing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Think about the free options that you have access to. Put up posters in salon windows and leave leaflets out on the table in your waiting area.

If you’re a mobile therapist take advantage of the back of your car by using magnets or stickers to advertise your business. Swat up on your social media skills and learn how to make the most of free posts by using hashtags.

As you know, here at Sienna X we pride ourselves on being your helping hand to success; so if you need any help on setting up your Christmas promotions, get in touch at and we’ll help you get up and running.