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Get the look: Colour Touch crystal gloss

forward colour colour touch crystal gloss


Step 1:

Section hair as shown.

Step 2:

Apply the colour at the back wash or at the working station using the recommended Wella Professionals Color Touch application method.

crystal gloss 1

Step 3:

Apply the colour to the root area then work the colour through the mid-length and ends.

crystal gloss 2 crystal gloss 3


Step 1:

Apply EIMI Root Shoot for some lift on the roots and EIMI Perfect Me on the remaining hair to perfect the hair. Blow-dry with a big, round brush and create volume. Section the hair, begin curling on 1 side.

Step 2:

Keep curling, creating large and firm curls. Once on the top of the head, curl backward to create additional volume.

crystal gloss 4

Step 3:

Use a soft brush and your fingers to smoothen the hair from roots to ends, create even wave formations over the entire head. To create a more modern look, flatten the movement on the opposite side with a clip.

crystal gloss 5
wella professionals

TIPS: Use a tissue underneath the clip to avoid any marks on the hair. Allow the hair to cool.

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