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Get the Look: Vintage Bride

What better way to kick off our celebration of all things bridal, than with the first in a series of brilliant step by steps, courtesy of one of our favourite bridal specialists, Annette Bradford. Here Annette takes you through the vintage bride look that will leave brides feeling amazing on their big day.

Step by step:

1.      Firstly, ask your client to wash their hair beforehand with a clarifying shampoo, to get the hair back to its natural state. Condition.

2.      Take a section of hair at the front and curl using tongs or a straightener. Loop the section and pin in place. Repeat along the hair. It’s a good idea to spray each section with a heat protection spray to protect and hold the style.

TIP: Spray each section with Wella Thermal Image to protect and hold

3.      Tie the section at the nape, leaving space underneath to place the updo roll. Spray the hair with hairspray to help hold the updo roll in place.

4.      Next, backcomb the ponytail softly using a comb.  

5.      Clip the updo roll beneath the ponytail, smooth the hair and pin the ends under the roll, creating a chignon.

6.      Once cooled, release the section above, backcomb and pin into the chignon. 

7.      Work your way up through the sections, gently combing and twisting and pinning into place. 

TIP: When placing the hair, go with the natural direction of the hair; this will look much nicer than hair that is forced into place. 

8.      Once the curls are in place, use a dressing out comb to fix any strays and spray with hairspray to smooth.

Vintage Bride step-by-step

What you will need:-

Hair by Annette Bradford, Elegance Bridal Coiffure

Carla Stillman Photography

JC Brides