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Get The Look: Robert Eaton

Our second get the look comes courtesy of Robert Eaton. We're obsessed with colour work - here's how to recreate it!

This look is all about focusing on blending the colour seamlessly throughout the lengths of the hair. Work on giving the roots the most intensity before subtly shifting into the lighter, warm tones on the ends. 

First, apply through the roots a full head application of 6% lightener, developed for 20 minutes. Check every five minutes until a pale blonde shade is achieved. 

Next, apply a full head application of 3% lightener to the lengths and ends of the hair. Let it develop until a clean lift is achieved from root to tip. 

Finish with a global application of three colours; pink, orange and yellow. Blend the colours from the deeper pink at the roots, through to the lighter pink, then orange to a lighter apricot orange, through to yellow on the ends. Allow each colour to create a smudged, flowing blend. Use a dilutor to create various levels of intensity of the colours. 

1) ColorpHlex Reconstructive Hairspray 
2) Goldwell Oxycur Platin Dust Free Bleach
3) Diva Digital Tong 38mm 
4) Goldwell Topchic Cream Developer 6% 
5) Goldwell Colorance Tube 60ml