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Full Speed: Men's Hair Trends 2021

Demand has never been higher as men across the globe are experimenting with longer lengths, but also want a professional touch once more. Here, Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador and Jim Shaw of Toni & Guy Billericay break down the top men’s trends.

As men grow more interested in taking care of their hair and scalp, Jonathan says this is a great time to educate them on the right products. “I definitely encourage my clients to have a proper shampoo and conditioning routine, instead of just grabbing whatever’s at hand. I like to focus on the benefits of a proper routine and also encourage guys to pay closer attention to what styling products they’re using. I like Fudge Professional Salt Spray for light weight grip and hold that won’t put too much pressure on the scalp as well as the Fudge Professional Blow Dry Aqua Primer; it contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to seal in hydration.

“When it comes to my tools, I’m definitely seeing a return to the diffuser; not only for setting hair in place but allowing me to create shape and texture and to mold and manipulate the hair better.”


Fudge Ambassador Jonathan Andrew says 2021 will see two key trends… “For me, it’s about short hair and longer hair, with the main reason stemming from two factors of 2020: some men decided to shave their own hair during lockdown, while others decided they would finally try to grow their hair out, seeing it as a great opportunity.

“As such I expect to see more longer and textured hair coming through and also feel this might lead to guys adding in some colour for the summer. Another trend I’m seeing is on the guys who shaved their hair; they’ve grown used to it and are enjoying playing with shorter textured hair, so we can definitely expect crops to be big this season.”

Jim Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy Billericay breaks down the trends he’s most looking forward to. 

#1 Short and textured cuts have been on the rise and I predict will be the most popular cuts for men. This look works best when the sides are kept a little shorter than the top and emphasis is made on adding texture to the top of the hair. 

#2 Military long takes its inspiration from the classic military cut but has added length on top. The key to this look is keeping the sides and back shaved fairly close to the skin and the hair on top being left longer than usual; this provides movement and a disconnected look. 

#3 High top fade, like a lot of hairstyles and fashion, this is making a comeback. Popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the high top fade is all about clean, precise lines with a gradient on the sides. I particularly love this look on those with curly, afro and textured hair; it feels very fresh and works well at highlighting a client’s facial features. 

#4 Ashy, smoky greys and platinum are great colour options for men who want to give their style a very fashion-led look. For those who like to stand out platinum is a great choice but for those who really want to make a statement, I predict turquoise and blues will be major.

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