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From the catwalk to 'I do!'

A key trend I’ve noticed from the Spring 2016 fashion weeks is a renewed love affair with hair accessories. But they’re not just for your everyday looks, they also make for the perfect bridal styles.

bridal bling bridal trio


Of course, floral accessories are always a go-to when it comes to classic bridal styles. From quirky, boho brides who love undone floral crowns, to brides who love colour and crave explosive floral designs or just a single bloom, flowers are a brilliant way to highlight anything from a chignon to long and loose waves.

Ribbons and Bows:

It’s been a while since we’ve worn ribbons in our hair, but designers such as Lanvin and Dior have suddenly made them look grown up, and chic! A satin or grosgrain bow is a great look for brides who don’t want to follow the floral trend, but need something to keep their hair up, or swept back. A ribbon is also a great complement for bridal gowns that feature ribbon-like belts, and can be worn in any colour. While black and navy are more traditional tones, the colours I love are warm salmon pinks and neutral nudes;so pretty amongst wavy styles or tied up into updos.

Bling’s the Thing:

Some brides won’t even look at a hair accessory unless it’s embellished with stones that sparkle. For the bling-loving bride you could suggest a full-on bridal crown, emblazoned with Swarovski crystals, or you can suggest metal crowns that are twisted into nature-inspired shapes, such as leaves, twigs and flowers. These accessories can be a little heavier to wear, so make sure your bride gets used to the feeling of a crown on her head.

All images sourced from Tumblr