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Dial It Up or Dial It Down with COLORFULHAIR

Available in eight bright and brilliant intermixable shades, #COLORFULHAIR from L’Oréal Professionnel is a brand new in-salon, direct dye colour palette which offers 1,000s of bespoke and personal colourful results. Whether it is soft Pink Sorbet or Hypnotic Magenta, the possibilities are endless! 

The Crystal Clear provides you with the opportunity to dial it down and reduce the intensity of the colour for more pastel tones, or for those more daring, introduce them to the hottest colour variants of the year!

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Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo Hair by L'Oreal


The strobing technique is perfect for any client that wants to subtly embrace #COLORFULHAIR.  Lightened pieces around the mid-band highlight the client’s cheekbones where a pop of colour can be added.

Discover how to create #Peekaboohair


#Pastelage by L'Oreal

Pastels are the new Balayage Update your balayage with playful tones blended through the ends of the hair. Cute candy floss pinks to sultry sunset corals, work on every length or style, making it perfect for the first steps into a bolder look.

How to create #PASTELAGE

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair by L'Oreal

All out colour indulgence 

Dial it up with this insanely gorgeous ocean-inspired colour. #MERMAIDHAIR is ideal for the colour brave, the perfect headturner.

Lavender Hair

Lavender Hair by L'Oreal

A Kiss of colour 

This look is amazing on sleek, bob length hair. Electric Violet is applied to the roots, then, using the melting technique, colour blends seamlessly to a soft lavender lilac, for a kiss of colour without any harsh lines. Dial it up by applying a darker lavender to the underneath layers of hair, adding more drama to flowing styles.

How to create #lavenderhair

Candy Hair

Candy Hair by L'Oreal

Sweet enough for everyday 


#CANDYHAIR is all about seemingly effortless blending and layering to create colourful results from every angle. #CANDYHAIR blends three or more complimentary shades from root to tip, dial it up with darker Magenta tones.

How to create #candyhair

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