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Desk to disco looks

disco hair During the party season there is fun to be had and not a moment to waste, so follow Lisa Shepherd’s 5 top tips on creating diva standard desk to disco transformations.

Glamour On One Condition

Well conditioned hair is easy to work with but styling and restyling can be hard on your cuticles. Keep you hair in top condition with weekly treatments, such as Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Spray Conditioner, so that when you are read to up your party-style game, you have gorgeous condition to work with.

Desk Draw Must-Haves

Dry shampoo isn’t just for festival hair but festive hair too. Apply OSiS+ Refresh Dust sparingly at the root and work through the mid lengths, comb through with a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly. Less is more! Revitalise limp and frizzy curls with a moisture boosting curl cream for gloss and definition. Keep two hairsprays on stand-by, a strong hold for control and a light hold with shine particles for a sizzling mirror glass shine. As with all products, start small as too much product can weigh down the hair and ruin your style. Spray hairspray around the halo of your head not directly at the hair and allow to settle, then gradually build up to the hold and finish you seek.

Styling Tools On The Run

Stock up on hair elastics and grips. It’s important to use professional hair elastic not elastic bands. You can buy natural blonde and brunette elastics, the red ones from the post room may look Christmassy but they will shred your hair! Invest in a pin tail comb, it’s a comb with a long skinny handle and sharp end and you can use the tail/handle to create the perfect parting or section hair to style. Buy a paddle brush for long hair and go for natural bristles. Paddle brushes are great at laying down cuticles, reducing frizz and creating shine. Look for a styling brush, a narrow bristle brush is fabulous for creating volume, backbrushing for texture and working fine looks in shorter styles. Keep styling irons in the office, like the compact and cord-free Diva Freestyler Pro. You can use them for so many things, including creating curls, waves or general straightening.

Hair Tricks Of The Trade

For long and mid length hair choose slouchy low buns and asymmetric ponys, the messier the better. You can create a bun by twisting hair in on itself then pinning, or a roll by looping a low pony and rolling the lot over the elastic and pinning. Partings are particularly interesting this Christmas and by switching your parting around you have ready-made oomph and a different look in moments! All hair lengths can work with a sharp diagonal parting from the front hair line on one side to the crown on the other or go for a low parting just 8-10 cm above the ear. You can pull out tendrils and backcomb by holding a narrow section of hair at the end and pushing up the lengths with your fingers or back brush the outer lengths of a long pony and put in three elastics – one at the scalp, one at the mid-section and one at the end to create a dramatic chain effect.


Add Party Pizzazz

Diamante decorated clips or vintage barrette’s are the perfect way to decorate hair. Place small clips at the hair line or larger clips just above buns and rolls.

All imagery sourced from Pinterest