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Create the look: Frosted bronde

Illumina Color with Instamatic:

frosted bronde before after
frosted bronde colour formulas
frosted bronde 3


Section the hair from ear to ear. Working from the crown down to the nape, take sections in a brick like pattern and apply Colour A to the roots stretching down a few inches. Continue working the technique from the crown to the front hair line.

frosted bronde 4


Create a triangle section on top of the head by taking a section from side temples to centre crown. Create 2 further sections on either side by taking a section from the crown to behind the ear and secure all sections with section clips.

frosted bronde 5


Starting at the back from the nape working up to the crown take large horizontal zig zag sections and alternate Colours B and C on to the mid-lengths and ends.


For both side sections work from the hairline towards the crown taking diagonal zig zag sections apply Colour C to two sections and then apply Colour B to one section repeat this combination till both sides are complete. On the top triangle section apply Colour C to the mid-lengths and ends.

frosted bronde 6


Once development time is complete, remove the colour in the normal manner and tone the hair with Colour D from below the crown back and small side sections just above the ear. All other remaining hair tone with Colour E.

frosted bronde 7