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Create stunning autumnal hair colour using NXT

When we saw a photo of this gorgeous hair colour online, and then heard that it was created using Capital’s very own NXT, we just had to find out how it was achieved! The colour was created by Kimberly Logie of K-L Hair, a hair stylist living between Scotland and Florida! Here she shares her technique.

NXT before and after

What you will need:

Formula & timing

  1. Section the hair into four quadrants beginning at the natural part to the lower centre nape and from ear to ear, intersecting at the lower crown of the head.

  2. In the two front quadrants, apply NXT Permanent 4.0 with 3% (10 Volume) Cream Developer in equal parts. Feather the 4.0 down from the new growth, alternating 2-4 inches to avoid a harsh line.

  3. In the nape area, feather the 4.0 and 3% half way down the hair shaft, alternating how far you pull the colour down to avoid a harsh horizontal line.

  4. Apply/feather Semi-Permanent Crazy Color Bordeaux (without developer) onto the outstanding hair ends from the point where the 4.0 stops to create a vivid ombre effect in the nape area (4.0 melting into Crazy Color Bordeaux on the ends).

  5. Mix Blondeme Lightener with 3% and freehand/isolate highlights in foils as well as lowlights with the 4.0 and 3% base formula in the front two quadrants and high crown.

  6. Mix NXT Permanent 6.5 with 3% equal parts and a ribbon of Crazy Color Bordeaux, then apply over all outstanding hair that is not in foils or previously coloured.

  7. After applying the 6.5 with Crazy Color Bordeaux to all the outstanding hair, watch the lifting process and remove foils once hair colour has lifted to a warm level 7/8. Processing time will vary per client.

  8. Shampoo, do not condition. Towel dry first, then power dry completely. (Apply porosity equalizing treatment or copper re-pigmentation filler if needed prior to applying the next colour if highlights lift beyond a level 7/8 or the end result will be more vibrant/lighter.)
    Try: Hi Tech Vitamin Treatment 250ml

  9. Mix 3/4 oz. NXT Permanent 6.5 with 1oz. of NXT Permanent 5.62 with equal parts 3% and apply from scalp to ends to overlay all of the hair. Focus on fully saturating all of the highlighted hair first and then comb through to ensure thorough application. Process for 35 minutes.

  10. Rinse, condition and finish.

NXT before and after

You can find Kimberley’s details, along with more inspiring before and after photos at: