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Collections: Mark Mountney & Simon Hill

It's the final collections for 2018, and we've picked a right pair of crackers for you! Discover the wonderful work by Mark Mountney & Simon Hill.

Mark Mountney, Zoology

We'll leave it to Mark to sum up this gorgeously striking collection. "Rebellion celebrates everything about the experienced woman. Cut and colour have been fused together to create completely bespoke, iconic hair. This has been the year that women globally have been sharing a sense of power and liberation, which this collection applauds."

Mark Mountney at Zoology 
Eddie MacDonald 
Lauren Mathis 
Clare Frith 
Simon Hill, SESH Hairdressing

The first thing we spotted about this collection was the amazing use of texture on show. Says Simon: "I looked at the movement of hair and was inspired by the beauty of natural hair textures." What a beautiful result! 

Simon Hill with Emma Macpherson and Victoria Gifford 
Chris Bulezuik 
Micheal Becman