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Collections: Alexander Turnbull, Sophie Chandler, Lisa Polini

This summer we really wanted to mix up our inspiration selection. Here we have three very strong collections that are inspired by three very different subjects.

Alexander Turnbull
Raw is a collection of images that don't hold back when it comes to creativity. Shapes are wild and impactful and definitely not for wall-flowers, while the colour work is bold, strong and beautiful. Alexander used black tar on the models to give the shoot a hard, industrial feel. 

Hair: Alexander Turnbull 
Photography: Jack Eames 
Products: Revlon 


Sophie Chandler, Rush
This is what happens when the whole team gets it. This collection from Rush's Sophie Chandler, is striking in it's focus on colour and animalistic patterns, but the execution is super sophisticated. Each model looks ready to take flight on some magical journey to somewhere very far away. And we have to give a shout-out to Kelly on makeup!

Hair: Sophie Chandler, Rush 
Photography: Tony Le-Britton 
Makeup: Kelly Sadler 


Lisa Polini, Hype Hair Studio
Lisa'a Fate collection is inspired by 'the thread of fate', an East Asian myth originating from a Chinese legend. It is believed that those connected by the red thread are destined to be lovers, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The collection that results from Lisa's research into the myth is super strong, with emphasis on the interplay of dark and light tones.

Hair: Lisa Polini
Photography: David Mannah 
Makeup: Christina Rodio 
Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders