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Bye-bye contour kit!

Bored with the labour-intensive beauty trend of contouring? Have no fear; it’s on its way out in favour of a much more delicate, easier trend that’s just as enhancing.

strobing 3

When contouring first emerged on the scene, the likes of the Kardashians made sure the trend soon became mainstream. Via Instagram and Twitter, Kim and Khloe showed their makeup artists at work behind the scenes, going as far as sharing each individual streak of contour cream and highlighter, so that makeup pros and budding beauty lovers could take on the trend and make it their own.

Fast forward and now it seems the whole world is contouring, and we’ve seen some transformations that look amazing and awe-inspiring while others left us thinking, ‘what on earth?’. But all that is set to end. Perhaps it’s down to one too many images of makeup artists taking the trend a little too far and looking more chalky than chic. Now we’re moving on to strobing.

strobing 1

While contouring involves darker contour creams and powders plus highlighters to create angular, defined features, strobing cuts out the mess and is all about the highlighter. Simply highlight areas that would normally catch the light – similar areas to where you would usually apply bronzer, so that’s the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin – and also add hints of light to the inner corners of the eyes, eyelids, cupid’s bow and the lips. Once it’s all blended out, the result is a soft, ethereal take on enhancing the facial structure. It’s something that anyone can do, and is set to be a big hit with brides who want to look flawless on their big day.

strobing 2

What do you think of the trend?

Are you sticking with contouring or will you ditch it in favour of strobing?

Images sourced from Tumblr.