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Bridal season is upon us… Are you prepared?

It’s that time of the year again where brides flock to their favourite salon for the best hair, nails, skin, and make up in preparation for their big day. This can mean a lot of pressure on you to create the perfect look! We've picked our three favourite bridal looks for 2014; boho, modern retro, and princess. All are very different and require the right skills, patience and products. Read on for our top tips in achieving these looks.

Boho Bride:

This look may seem effortless and laid-back but it can require a bit of work. The hair is typically either wavy and down or loosely plaited. To achieve this look spray a little TIGI Catwalk Rootboost on the roots to create volume and some much-needed texture. Then loosely curl the ends with the Diva Argan Tong. You can then either run your fingers through the hair with hairspray to finish the look or create a fishtail plait and gently pull out the sides of the plait for that ‘undone’ look. Let's not forget that it wouldn't be boho without a little pop of colour! Paint your client’s nails with Gellux Rhubarb Fool Polish and cure.

boho bride

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Princess Bride:

For the bride who is after a flawless, Disney princess look, we've compiled our top three products needed to please your client. A great hair dryer is a must! The incorporated ceramic and ionic technology of the Parlux 385 Powerlight dryer means that hair maintains moisture and leaves it looking shiny and smooth; essential for both up and down princess styles. Plus, the dryer is extremely light so no more blow-drying arm ache! Princesses of course have beautiful fluttering eyelashes and if your client isn't blessed with naturally long lashes, fake it with the Naturalash Twin Pack. Finally, to achieve smooth, supple skin use Crazy Angel’s Halo Polish Body Scrub – great to use before tanning.

princess bride

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Modern Retro Bride:

Whichever way you create the modern retro look, the style would not be complete without the essential Hi Tech Hairspray and Hair Tools Pins & Grips to keep the gorgeous 'do in place. To achieve this look, neatly defined brows are important. The Marvel Brow Palette is ideal for colouring, contouring and defining; therefore creating a picture-perfect look.

retro bride

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