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Born lippy

The one thing that we love about makeup, is that there are no limits when it comes to what you can do with it. Probably the most popular beauty trend right now is lip art. Search Instagram or Twitter for the hashtag #lipart and you can easily spend hours browsing through the artiest creations. Here we’ve selected our top 4 accounts to follow for consistent lip action.

lip make up 1

@vladamua - 368,000 followers

Vlada Haggerty is an LA based makeup artist who has become a leader when it comes to cult lip creations, but the look that she has really pushed forward is the metallic lip. While she creates metallic looks with glitter, it’s her liquid metal lips that have really had the internet going crazy – so much so that she’s even brought out her own range of t-shirts with her molten rose gold lips on them. Vlada did this to fight back against fashion brands who have stolen her look, due to its cult status.

@biscottigianluca - 19,600 followers

We recently shared a few of Italian Gianluca’s lip designs on our Facebook, as he’s one of the few male makeup artists who likes to play with lip art. What we love about Gianluca is that no project is too complicated; if he wants to recreate legendary painter Monet’s Waterlilies, then that’s what he’ll do. And how pretty is it?

lip make up 2

@karlapowellmua - 92,000 followers

We’ve been following Karla’s work for several years now, and we’d like to credit her with probably being one of the first to really push the boundaries when it comes to lip art. Karla first came to our attention with her amazing paint splash lip designs, as well as her brilliant Pop Art lips that influenced many other makeup artists. Today, we’re loving her mix of lip products with found objects, such as sequins, feathers and petals.

@girlgreybeauty - 255,000 followers

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Andrea Reed, AKA @girlgreybeauty is someone who has proven that having an Instagram account can absolutely get you into the papers and glossies. More and more newspapers and magazines are following what popular Instagrammers are up to, and Andrea is always their first port of call. We think that the reason she’s such a winner is because she starts trends that get makeup artists the world over thinking. Whether it’s fruit, Art Deco architecture or cartoon characters, you can be pretty sure that Andrea did it first.

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All imagery via Instagram