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Autumn days: Natural tanning for the colder months

The temperature is dropping and the days are getting shorter; it’s fair to say that Autumn is well and truly upon us. 

Many of us are guilty of abandoning our skincare regime during the colder months as pale, dry skin is covered with woolly layers and forgotten about until Spring comes round again.

In the colder seasons, it’s so easy for clients to get their tan wrong by choosing too dark a shade or applying to unprepared skin. At Sienna X, we’re advocates of maintaining beautiful, glowing skin, so we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your client’s skin at its best all season long. 

Keep skin healthy and hydrated
It’s really important for clients to keep on top of the basics – even if they are planning on keeping covered up until April! Advise them to exfoliate at least twice a week using Polishing Body Scrub to keep dead skin cells at bay and moisturise daily with Radiance Body Balm to ensure that their skin stays hydrated and healthy.

Choose a lighter shade of tan
In the winter, our skin naturally becomes more pale and just as ladies may change their foundation shade, they should also think about changing their tanning shade too. If your clients are tanning at home in between appointments to keep their glow topped up, tell them to try Gradual Glowing Self Tan for a lighter application. 

Accentuate your glow
Whilst day-to-day tans remain subtle and understated, there is always the option to accentuate a client’s tan should they have an upcoming party or event on their calendar. To add temporary depth to their tan, use Instant Bronzing Gel on moisturised skin to build a deeper colour. Then, simply enhance the glow with our Contour Kit for the face and use Illuminating Pencils to highlight the collarbone, shoulders and neck. 

With these tips in the bag your client should be poised and ready for their autumn tanning regime!