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All about the curls

As Spring rolls around, many of your clients are embracing their natural texture, and giving their straighteners a break, while others are wishing their naturally straight hair could carry a curl! Here we talk about curls – natural and not so natural – and how to wear them this season.

How to wear them:

Back in the eighties, curls worn with fringes were a thing – but a really frizzy thing! Now they’re back, but they look so much better. Clients with afro hair can really embrace this style, made popular lately by Solange, as their natural texture lends itself to sculptural shapes. Think wedge bobs made up of curls of all shapes and sizes,blended with either a retro, curved fringe, or with a wild and tousled curly fringe. For clients with European hair that doesn’t curl naturally, a great way to create the look is by mixing it up when it comes to your electrical tools. Add a ‘base’ of voluminous waves by using heated rollers, then, when it’s time to take them out and cool them down, go over the waves and create curls with your favourite curling tool. For faces that don’t favour a blocky fringe, a side-swept, slightly straighter fringe is super flattering.

models with afro hair

How to care for them:

Naturally curly hair has different requirements to less wavy hair, especially when it comes to afro clients. Due to the nature of curly hair, it’s often harder to show a healthy shine, as the strands don’t lie straight and flat, thus are not as reflective. Therefore it’s imperative to give the hair what it needs; hydrating masks, nourishing oils and finishing shine sprays are a great way to keep naturally curly hair looking at its optimum best. For clients that like to create curls from scratch, care is just as important, as, more often than not, those faux curls will come from the usage of heated tools, which can often lead to heat damage if they are regularly relied upon. Encourage clients to indulge in at-home hydrating treatments whenever they’ve gone for a full, voluminous curly style.

models with curly hair