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Alive with colour - nail trends this Summer

Summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time to experiment with your clients’ nails! From ice cream shades to neon brights, there’s never been a better time to play. Find out what top nail brands OPI, GELLUX and NSI have in store for you.

OPI’s Niki Byrne

Nail trends model 1

What’s your must-have product that every nail technician should have in their kits this summer?

Our Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops are brilliant. It dries nail lacquer in five minutes with just a few drops, and at the same time it treats cuticles to a soothing dose of jojoba and antioxidant vitamin E.

Tell us about OPI’s top nail trends

First up, it’s all about neons, with our new special white base coat, Put a Coat On! to instantly boost neon colour. Neons by OPI includes electric hues of lemon-lime, tangerine, hot pink, coral, lime and purple that will ‘pop’ that much more with the white base coat. We also have a huge glitter focus. The line showcases our most popular metallic and holographic lacquers in rainbow, gold, silver and pink iridescent confetti; these glitters may be worn alone or layered over any nail colour for a dazzling effect.

What aftercare products do you recommend to ensure clients can make the most of their new nails?

Our award-winning Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream is full of deep penetrating protein peptides and an exclusive blend of shea, cocoa, avocado and almond butters. Our Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go is also a great add-on product to encourage your clients to care for their manicure throughout the day. All they need to do is gently wipe the soft-touch brush over their cuticles to help nourish and encourage longer, stronger nails and still with all the benefits of OPI’s Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex. It’s perfect for adding to their handbag essentials.


NSI’s Rachel Scaife


What’s your must-have product that every nail technician should have in their kits this summer?

Our Coloured Gels are versatile, mixable UV gels that offer the same exceptional strength, adhesion and control you have come to expect from the NSI Balance gel range. With over 60 colours the range allows you meet the fast ever-changing demand of seasonal trends. The gels can be applied to the natural nails and toes or directly on top of any Acrylic or Gel enhancements. They are a UV cured only gel but provide high intensity colours, are chip resistant for up to three weeks and are easily removed with a gentle file.

Nail trends model 2

Tell us about NSI’s top nail trends

Colour – two completely contrasting palettes are setting the trend for summer. The fabulous NSI Neon Tech nail colours will fulfil all the desires of those clients wanting that vibrant funky look this summer. In contrast, the Technail Pastel colours provide beautiful, soft shades with just a hint of colour.

Glitz and glam – glitters are creeping back this summer, from complementary subtle shimmers to high intensity chunky glitters. The NSI polyester glitters come in 20 vivid shades and are a combination of petite diamond glitter and glitter dust to give the most amazing sparkle ever. These glitters can complement both natural nail and artificial nail services providing your client with a different look every time.

What aftercare products do you recommend to ensure clients can make the most of their new nails?

NSI Nurture Oil is a scientifically advanced blend of five therapeutic emollients enhanced with vitamins C and E for soft body tissue repair and elasticity. Applied daily or even once a week it will help to keep the natural nail hydrated and healthy either under artificial enhancements or for general natural nail care after a manicure service.


Lisa Stone, Salon System Educator comments on spring/summer 2014 nail colour trends.

"This spring/summer, nude nails will be a prominent trend and will give the impression of strong, clean, healthy-looking nails. This look can be achieved using Gellux Rosie-Anna, a pretty flesh colour, and Wild Mink for a strong, fabulous hue.

Lots of celebrities have already been spotted wearing white nails, which look fantastic. To create this funky, young and fresh look try using Gellux Purely White or for a slightly more toned down, muted look, try Gellux Cherry Blossom.

Strong, vibrant shades will also prove to be popular. Burnt oranges, cherry reds, fresh pinks and lime greens will keep us all looking fabulous on the beach. These shades can be perfectly achieved using the Gellux Ice Ice Baby collection; six, vibrant, fruity shades that are sure to get your clients summer-ready!

Nail art will be as popular as ever and will incorporate rhinestones to add a touch of sparkle; these work brilliantly in summer months as they reflect the sunshine and lift any mood! For a touch of originality, try painting the half-moon a different colour to the rest of the nail."

Naillux products

Salon System’s Rachel Gribble


Tell us about Salon System’s top three nail trends

    • The alternative French manicure – you can mix up the colours and create different, more vivid effects for maximum drama, compared to a traditional French manicure.


    • Moon manicure – using different colours, you can create a range of different effects on the half-moon area, at the base of the nail.


  • Lines and stripes – horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes and lines! Create thick and thin lines, which can be used to create simple details to complex designs.

What aftercare products do you recommend to ensure clients can make the most of their new nails?

Naillux Nail Oil is not just an essential product for all nail techs, but for clients too. It will keep both the nails and cuticles in top condition. Also, a good hand cream, such as Naillux Hydrate Hand and Foot Lotion is a must-have for keeping hands and feet nourished, soft and smooth.


Katie Jane Heneghan from the award-winning Edinburgh salon, Hair by JFK, shares her take on the summer nail trends she loves.


Sugared almonds

From candy floss pink to lemon sherbet teamed with sky blue and a dash of parma violet thrown in, ice cream nail shades are best worn short and sweet. Models at the Burberry show worked this trend by wearing one of six different pastel shades, proving that it’s a modern classic. Pastel nails can be ultra feminine and charmingly girlish when worn with florals, as seen at Oscar De La Renta, Nina Ricci and Mary Katrantzou.

Jean genie

Denim was a huge fashion story at Balmain, Max Mara, Paul & Joe and DKNY; I would team any denim look with either a marbled design in blue and earthy tones or a stunning matte cobalt blue. Texture and tone is as important as colour when it comes to nails, and the new techniques and products available mean that velvet, matte and even furry nails are all possible. These can look fabulous in blues of all shades.


Embellishment is one of the most sought-after nail styles, from studs and spikes to dainty crystals, and it’s a trend that works well on both short and long nails. Most of my clients like to wear embellishment on one finger rather than a full embellished manicure.

The Edge nail tips

New in!

As well as colour and texture trends, we’re also making sure you stay in touch with the latest nail shape trends. Right now we’re loving these two styles from The Edge. First up is the very on-trend Clear Stiletto. With slightly tapered sides, this gives the perfect smile line - no blending required. If you want to play with a variety of shapes, go for Clear Competition, a pack of 100 clear assorted nail tips. Well-less tips and tapered sides make them perfect for experimenting with nail art.


First published in the Capital Hair & Beauty magazine.